Trendwatcher reached 10000 downloads

Within a year after the first release of Trendwatcher it reached 10K downloads. After it’s initial release the downloads showed a spike of over 2000 downloads per month. In the months following the app settled for about a 1000 downloads per month. During the summer of 2013 the download counts dropped further to about 300 per month possibly related to the release of Windows 8.1 and the redesigned Windows Store.

Twitter trends

Trendwatcher is an app that displays trending topics from Twitter by showing tweets with images. It can gather topics from various locations, custom keyword searches and your personal timeline. Each topic can be updated live to track major news events. In 2013 for instance this happened with news about the new pope, the Boston marathon bombings, the Royal baby and the Edward Snowden revelations.

Conversion rate

With a Windows Store page view count of over 45K it’s conversion rate is 22%, meaning that a little more than one of five visitors of the Windows Store page of Trendwatcher will actually download the application. Although I don’t know what is a common conversion rate for Windows Store apps in the social category, I think this is a pretty good rate. Apparently my app description and screenshots are convincing enough to make people download the app.

Trendwatcher download graph


Trendwatcher is a free application and tries to monetize it’s use by showing advertisements that are designed to blend in with content. Furthermore the user is offered to remove advertisements through in app purchase. So far only two users did this.

Although download numbers are satisfying the amount of users that actively use the app is still pretty low (less than 10 users per day) so there is still a lot to win there (for instance using live tiles) This results in a few dozen impressions per day and therefore only a few cents per day resulting in a total revenue of less than 10 dollars for the whole year.

Stay on top of the news

If you would like to see how Trendwatcher keeps you right on top of the news download it from the Windows Store now.