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Photo Kiosk improves video support

Unlike it’s name suggests Photo Kiosk also supports displaying videos found in your media folders. Videos can be dragged, scaled and rotated through multitouch interaction similar to images. By tapping a video it will be start or stop playing. Recent updates improves the quality of the rendered videos under different scale factors.

Thumbnail support

You can now specify a thumbnail to show when the video is not playing instead of the default first frame of the video (which often is black). For each video in a folder Photo Kiosk looks for an image with the same name and uses that image as a thumbnail image. This allows you to configure a custom frame from the video or use a custom image with textual description of the video to show.

Give it a try

Experience improved video support yourself and get inspired to use one for your touch screen or touch table. A free trial is available in the Windows Store.