Catch the latest trends on Twitter by viewing their images. Discover trends worldwide, in your country, in a city near you or in your timeline. Quickly understand what trends are all about without reading tweets. Dive into trends to see what people are saying. See live updates of images that are posted to Twitter. Stay up to date with news, sports matches, events, disasters, celebrities, tv shows, internet memes or any other topic that might be trending. Mark trends as favorite to keep tracking them or search for topics of your interest.


  • Shows Twitter images (including animated gifs)
  • Supports Vine clips
  • Personalized trends based on tweets in your timeline
  • Displays trending topics in the nearest city and/or country
  • Overview of all available trending locations and manual pinning to the hub
  • Live updates of tweeted images
  • Stores favorite topics so they can be tracked if they are no longer trending
  • Allows you to search for custom topics and see the images for that topic
  • Allows you to share trending topics of a location
  • Supports snapped view
  • Shows worldwide trending topics
  • Uses your location to determine city and country of your interest
  • Semantic zoom for quickly navigating the hub page