Trendwatcher now supports pinning locations

A new update for Trendwatcher is now available in the Windows Store. The most important new feature is the addition of manual pinning of trending locations (countries or cities). This allows you to track the news all around the world. Your nearest country and/or trending city are still added to the hub if the app is allowed to use your geolocation.

Windows 8.1

A new search button was added to bring up the search charm with Trendwatcher as it’s default context. Snapped view was removed and the app has now a preferred minimum size of 500 pixels. Some of the styling was changed to provide a more coherent look of the application. The application bar was switched to use the new Windows 8.1 way of doing it. Also take a look at the pretty new about flyout that will link back to this website and other social websites.

Furthermore this update fixes a number of bugs. The most important one occured due to the introduction of 64 bit user ID’s.
This release also has improved performance.