Media Kiosk Help

Basic configuration

When you first start up Media Kiosk it will ask for a folder to use as the media root folder. Media Kiosk searches this folder for images, videos and subfolders and will display them in the application. Subfolders will be shown as live tiles containing two of the images found in that folder and with the name of that folder on the tile. A folder live tile can be navigated into simply by tapping it. When in a folder the name of that folder and a back button will be shown on screen to navigate back up.

Adjusting the branding

Media Kiosk can be configured from the preferences panel when you open the settings pane (swipe in from the right edge). Here you can configure the application background, a foreground image, different colors to use and other ways to configure the UI elements to your liking. This panel also contains the option to configure an attractor to draw extra attention to your content when nobody is interacting with the application.

Setting up Media Kiosk for Kiosk Mode

  1. Create a new account to be used for Kiosk Mode, but keep it a regular account initially (See help for Windows 8 or Windows 10)
  2. Login to this new account
  3. Start Media Kiosk application
  4. Open the application preferences (settings pane) and point it to the root folder of the media you want to show
  5. Customize branding to match your needs
  6. Login to the admin account and set the account meant for Kiosk Mode to assigned access (See Assigned access FAQ)
  7. Login to the Kiosk Mode account to run the application in Kiosk Mode

Advanced tips

  • When Media Kiosk finds an image with the same name as one of the videos it will use that image as a thumbnail for that video.
  • The first and last image found in a folder will be used as images for the live tile of that folder.When setting up the style of the folder label with the back button make sure you navigate into a subfolder first so you can directly see the influence of the adjustments you make in the preferences panel.
  • In a folder with a large amount of high resolution images, those images will be scaled down to stay within memory limits. If you experience loss of image quality place less images in a folder or reduce their resolution.
  • Note: Miracast connected displays will need to be manually reconnected after logon. This can not be done when used in Windows 8.1 Kiosk Mode.

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